Before you apply to law school, you really need to do your research to determine if law school is the right path for you. Once you decided that it is, you need to get started on preparing your application. Check out a recording from the Law School Application Cycle workshop to learn more! It is also extremely helpful to go through the pre-law checklists and remember, everyone's timeline to law school can look different!

Most law schools utilize a holistic approach to admissions, meaning that applications are evaluated as a whole: admissions decisions are made based on multiple factors: recommendations, GPA, LSAT, personal statements, additional essays, etc.

Applicants formally begin applying during the summer usually one year prior to when they plan to matriculate to law school. Most application deadlines are in Feb/March. Most law schools have rolling admissions, meaning that committees evaluate applications as they are received.

Just like applying to colleges, it is important to have safety schools, match schools, and reach schools. Research the law schools you plan to apply to ensure that you meet or come close to meeting the admissions criteria. Median GPA and LSAT data is usually provided on each law school's website, and this is a helpful indicator of predicting your chances of admission.

For best chances of admission & financial aid - APPLY EARLY. Aim for October/November, but only if application is truly complete. Don’t submit a rushed application to have it in as early as possible, you have to consider what is best for you as an individual applicant. Some law schools will inform applicants of their admissions status in just a few weeks, others will take months. Be patient after submitting applications!

Schedule an appointment with a pre-law advisor if you have questions or would like to talk about your plans or receive feedback as you work on law school applications. It is helpful to come prepared with specific questions or concerns to discuss during an advising meeting such as reviewing a personal statement, strategies for studying for the LSAT, discussing when and how to write addenda, etc.

You can also view our slideshow from our latest group advising session to get some of your application questions answered. We covered recommended coursework, application materials, strategies for the LSAT, on campus resources, and more.

Applying to Law School Timeline

Applying to Law School Timeline