• While professional experience is not a requirement to attend law school, having internships or work experiences can help make your application more competitive and well-rounded.
  • Getting legal internships as an undergraduate student is challenging.
  • Most law firms require their legal interns to be currently enrolled in an ABA accredited law school.
  • It is oftentimes easier to get internship experience in a related field: Political Science, Communications, Economics, Finance, Public Policy, Public Administration
  • Consider applying to some internships that are not strictly legal for the best chance at an offer.

Types of Internships: 

  • Paid: Completed for payment in the form of a stipend or regular hourly pay
  • Credited: Complete the internship for course credit
  • Unpaid & Uncredited: Completed on a solely volunteer basis

            Remember: Internships are NOT a definitive requirement to get into law school. If you do not get the opportunity to complete an internship during undergrad, you can still be accepted into law schools. Everyone's path to law school is different!

            How to Find Internships

            • LinkedIn, Indeed, Handshake
            • Google searching law firms, companies, professionals in your area
            • Cold calling / emailing firms and companies
            • Look out for opportunities posted in the weekly pre-law newsletter
            • Networking - talk to other students, professors, peers about their experiences

            Looking for Funding for an Unpaid Internship?

            There are opportunities to fund an unpaid internship opportunity! This may come in the form of a scholarship, grant, or academic award. Here are some opportunities for funding to look into if you have accepted an unpaid internship opportunity:

            Credited Internships

            To get an internship opportunity credited:

            • Discuss with your internship supervisor if this is an option for you
            • Determine how many hours a week you will be working and what field the opportunity is in
            • Reach out to your major department's internship coordinator or the Center for Career Development
            • Complete necessary forms & applications, enroll in internship class (varies based on department & program)
            • Be sure to complete the states hours, assignments, and other requirements to earn course credit

            Looking for Internships for a Specific Major?

            Application Tips

            • Perfect your resume before applying - make an appointment with UConn Center for Career Development
            • Apply EARLY!
            • Apply to multiple programs / positions
            • Read the application criteria carefully
            • Be specific in your cover letter (if required)
            • Call/Email the contact for the job positing with any specific questions or to get more information

            Internship Opportunities

            The following is a list of places that UConn pre-law students will typically intern, as well as opportunities that have been sent to our office. Please utilize the links and check the job posting for more precise details and contact the company with any specific questions about the opportunity. Information about internships is also sent out in the pre-law weekly digest every Monday morning. 

            Internships Abroad

            Nonprofit Organizations

            State of Connecticut


            Washington, D.C.

            Other Opportunities