1. Can I be a pre-law major (or minor)?

UConn does not offer a pre-law major or minor; few large universities do. This is a good thing. The best preparation for law school is a major that stresses analysis and critical reading, and allows for a wide variety of electives. Students interested in pursuing law should choose a major that excites them. Any major will prepare you for law school if you want it to.

2. How do I join the pre-law program? (Looking for the Special Program in Law?)

There isn’t a formal “pre-law program” at UConn. You can be as involved with the Pre-Law Center as you want to be. If you are thinking about law school, though, there are a few things you should do to make sure you stay in the loop on pre-law news and events.

3. I went to Kaplan (or Princeton Review or PowerScore). Should I still attend a Pre-Law workshop?

Yes! The purpose of commercial courses are different from the purpose of our workshops. Kaplan, Princeton Review, and other commercial courses train you to take the LSAT. The Pre-Law Center workshops are designed to help you plan for law school, not the law school entrance exam. Unlike commercial programs, the only goal of UConn’s Pre-Law workshop is to help UConn students and alumni become successful, happy professionals.

4. Where is your office?

426C Rowe.

5. I have a quick question. Can I just drop by?

You have two options if you have a quick question: you can email prelaw@uconn.edu or drop by during office hours.

6. How do I keep up with Pre-Law events on campus?

The UConn Pre-Law Facebook page is updated frequently and includes pre-law events on campus, opportunities, and news.

7. Are there any Pre-Law extracurriculars on campus?

Yes. The UConn Mock Trial Team, UConn Law Society, and UConn Moot Court are all law-related extracurriculars. You can also find more information at UConntact.