Alumni Spotlight Survey

Pre-law advising at UConn has grown significantly in recent years. The Pre-Law Center, one of the University’s Enrichment Programs, features speaker series, workshops, and many other events that are open to the entire University community. One on one advising appointments are also open to any students or alumni considering applying to law school. The pre-law advisor will also review resumes, personal statements, and other application materials to help ensure that UConn’s graduates are able to enroll at the best law school for them.

The most helpful thing, however, for current law school applicants is to hear from those who have done it all before. UConn’s alumni who have gone onto law school have so much advice to share and the students are eager to hear it. This is why the Pre-Law Center is launching the Alumni Spotlight series. This series will be featured on our blog and in our email newsletter. The advice and experience of UConn’s talented lawyer-alumni is an important piece in the mission of the Pre-Law Center to help all UConn students and alumni as they work toward law school and the legal profession.

Thank you in advance for agreeing to fill out our survey. The questions will cover a variety of topics, including your experiences in law school and in the profession, as well as while you were at UConn.

Completing the survey should take approximately 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to save the survey before you submit it, so please be sure you have enough time to complete it. At the end, you will also have the chance to upload a picture to put with your Spotlight Profile. This will help the students put face to your experiences but it is in no way required.

You can also view past Alumni Spotlight posts to get a better idea of how the information will be used.

Again, thank you for your time and your commitment to helping the students at UConn.