Checklist: Alumni

The Pre-Law Center is available to help all UConn alumni who are planning legal careers, whether you graduated a year ago or 20 years ago. Many people take time between college and law school, so don’t feel like you’re behind or you’ve missed your chance. You can still be pre-law even if you’re post-college.

For alumni, the time line is a little bit different. I explain the general concepts here, but you should really schedule an individual appointment to meet with a Pre-Law Advisor. If you’re close to Storrs, you can always come into the office for a meeting. For those further way, virtual appointments are available.

If you plan on starting law school in the Fall, you should plan to take the LSAT in either June or September. June is a little better because you’ll get your score sooner. You’ll be able to pick schools and research all summer before application season begins in the Fall. You’ll also be able to take the September test if you’re not satisfied with your June results. If you plan for September and need to take the LSAT again, you can take the test in December, but that puts you a little late in the application process.

For letters of recommendation, you ideally want to talk to former professors. This can be harder if you graduated many years ago. If you’ve been away from UConn for long enough that your professors wouldn’t be able to provide a current, valuable letter of recommendation, you can use other people. If you’ve gone to graduate school, a professor there could write a great recommendation. Similarly, if you’ve been working for a number of years, your employer or supervisor should be able to write a helpful letter. Once you’ve decided on who to ask, the LSAC website explains how they can submit their letters.

Ideally, you’ll want to have your applications completed by the end of the year preceding the year you hope to enroll. If your plan is to start in the Fall, you should be finishing your applications in December of the previous year. Remember, the application cycle is rolling. The earlier you get your applications in, the better your chances of getting an offer of admission AND of getting financial aid.

Once you’ve heard back from everyone, feel free to reach out to the Pre-Law Office for help on deciding which schools make the most sense. We can’t make the decision for you, but we can help you make the decision wisely.