Clubs & Organizations

Law Society

The UConn Law Society seeks to bring together and educate undergraduate students who are pre-law, or are interested in the American legal process. Our goal is to foster a sense of passion in the law around our campus and assist our members on their journeys to law school. To that end, we provide various guest speakers throughout the year, including law professors, practicing attorneys, judges, and former students. We also host events and socials that aim establish a community of people with like-minded interests and provide an outlet for undergraduates to network in the legal world.

Mock Trial

The UConn Mock Trial Society at the University of Connecticut was founded in October 2007 by twelve undergraduate students. Since that time, the team has won several awards and traveled thousands of miles throughout the country for intercollegiate competitions. This team was founded to provide experience with acting, trial advocacy, and critical thought. Students learn how to speak in public and persuade their peers of a given position on an issue. Students are welcome to join the team regardless of their academic or professional aspirations. Many members are from Model UN, Debate Team, and Mock Trial backgrounds, and many are not. The society welcomes students of all majors and semester standings. The UConn Mock Trial Society is a student-run organization that revolves around a criminal or civil case that requires students to act in the role of lawyers and witnesses. Each year, we visit locations around the country competing against other colleges and universities in invitationals, regionals and beyond. We consist of students from all backgrounds and take students with all levels of experience with mock trial and hope to participate in events, do our best, and have fun.

Model UN

The UConn Model United Nations Conference seeks to foster international awareness through the process of simulation. The conference shall serve to provide an open forum where educational, stimulating, and enjoyable discussion of global issues can take place. UCMUN and its staff aspire to guide students toward understanding the value of cooperation, diversity, and compromise, all of which are invaluable tools in shaping lives beyond the conference. UCMUN promotes a comfortable yet professional atmosphere for new delegates, while offering challenging committees for seasoned delegates. Realistic committee simulation offers delegates an opportunity to gain confidence in public speaking, negotiation, writing, and teamwork while encouraging students to be active, compassionate leaders.

Empowering Women in Law

Empowering Women in Law is open to all students of all majors, and seeks to provide a space for undergrads to learn and discuss more about the female presence in the legal field. EWIL meets every week for 1-2 hours, depending on the speaker or occasion of the meeting. Most weeks, EWIL features a guest speaker who volunteers their time to come in and speak on their experiences in law, career paths, give advice, and answer any questions. We start out with updates and introductions, and then move to introducing the speaker who takes most of the meeting time. We close with our LSAT question of the day and the presidents stick around after the meeting to answer questions.

Black Pre-Law Association

The Black Pre-Law Association is a dynamic and inclusive organization dedicated to supporting and empowering aspiring young Black legal scholars by providing resources, mentorship, and a vibrant community for academic and career development in the field of law. Members of the association can participate in events, workshops and mentor programs that help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in law school and beyond. The association also helps to create a sense of community among Black pre-law students and provides a platform for them to advocate for issues that are important to them.

UConn Ethics Bowl-Debate Team

The UConn Ethics Bowl-Debate team competes in the APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB), a debate-style competition where teams of students analyze and discuss a number of modern ethical dilemmas. Ethics Bowl is ideal for pre-law students, with many of our cases raising questions about law and public policy, and is also great for any students interested in ethics or debate. We compete at a regional and national level, discussing complex moral issues in fields ranging from technology and privacy to healthcare and social justice. Feel free to reach out to us for more information!
Instagram: @uconn.ethicsbowl