Helpful Classes

These are classes recommended to help you prepare for the LSAT and law school. They are not law-related classes. These classes can expand your vocabulary and critical thinking skills, which is important for law school. ANY class that requires you to write logically, demands concise analysis of issues, and asks you to develop your analysis beyond a recitation of facts will be useful. Not every class is offered every semester or every year; please check with the department offering the course.

The classes in BOLD Italics are strongly recommended. They teach fundamental skills that are necessary for success in law school. Classes with an * should be taken before the LSATs, if possible.

Math 1020Q: Problem Solving*
Math 1070Q: Math for Business and Economics
Stats 1000Q: Introduction to Stats OR Stats 1100 Q: Elementary Concepts in Stats

Phil 1102: Philosophy and Logic*
Phil 2211Q: Symbolic Logic
Phil 2215: Ethics
Phil 2217: Social and Political Philosophy

Eng 3601: The English Language
Eng 3633W: The Rhetoric of Political Discourse in Literature and Society
Any writing courses

Econ: 1201 and 1202: Micro and Macro Econ (Econ 1200 is also acceptable)
Econ 1108: Game Theory

Coms 1100: Public Speaking (Beneficial if you fear public speaking)

Any law-related courses from the History, Political Science or Anthropology Departments