Pre-Law Checklists

Unlike other pre-professional programs, there is no one way to be pre-law. The American Bar Association has prepared some general pre-law advice. In addition to our pre-law checklists, you should review the ABA's guide.

As you consider pursuing law school, there are several things you should keep in mind. Law schools don't have any expectations for majors or specific courses. Many students take time off between college and law school. This means there is no set time frame for choosing a pre-law plan. These checklists are simply suggestions to help make sure that you are ready when you choose to apply and that you make your application as competitive as possible. But they are just that: suggestions. Pre-law is incredibly flexible. Advising is available to help all current students and alumni with creating the pre-law checklist that fits their individual circumstances and needs. You can either view the suggested checklists below or download them as a PDF.