Gap/Growth Years

It is becoming increasingly common for students to take some time off between undergrad and law school to complete internships, enter the workforce, study for the LSAT, pursue higher education, travel, etc. Gap years can help applicants create a more well-rounded application by gaining valuable professional experience that is often looked upon favorably by admissions committees.

  • The average age of a law student is 25, there is no rush to go straight to law school after completing undergrad
  • Professional experience is highly valued by many law schools & can make your application much more competitive
  • Everyone’s journey to law school looks different, there is no “correct” way to navigate this process
  • We recommend that students who intend to take growth years should ask for recommendations from professors before graduating, and stay in contact.
    • It is often difficult for professors to write students good letters years later: professors may retire, go on sabbatical, not remember you, etc.